May’s Cake: Hummingbird Cake

4 Jun

So I received a text earlier this week.

May's Cake

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TBT: Crocs

15 May

It sure took me a long time before I was willing to jump on the croc bandwagon.

But once I did, I was sold. 


They weren’t necessarily stylish, but they were comfy.

And, yes, they were lime green.

And, yes, we all matched (although we couldn’t convince Dad).

And, yes, I kind of had an Afro.

Life was good.

Travels in Europe: Meteora Picture Post

13 May


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Mama K

12 May

I guess since I was a day late with Father’s Day, I had to follow my tradition for this post…sorry, Mom:)

I could never, ever, ever really express how much I love my mother.

Or how much I look up to her.

Or how much I want to be like her.

Mama K

This journal entry was my second entry ever and it is just as true today as it was in 1997.

September 13, 1997                                                                 11:36am

Mama is my very best friend. I can talk to her about anything I want to. Sometimes we get mad at each other, but that’s normal. The only reason saying sorry is hard is because I say it too much, or at least it seems that way. I love Mama so much, and when she’s not with me I feel empty. I love her more than I can tell you.

Kacey Kesselhuth

Fortunately, now that we don’t have chores, piano lessons and beans and cornbread to argue about, I can’t remember the last time we got mad at each other:)

Mama K


Mama K,

You have taught me what it means to show love and compassion to everyone, to do the right thing even when I don’t feel like it, what it looks like to be a good wife, and to trust God in all things. 

Nancy Drew may have captured my heart while I was young, but you are my true role-model. 

I love you more than I can tell you. 

Happy Mother’s Day <3



Five for Friday: Joy

9 May

These are some of the things that have brought so much joy into my life lately…

1. Five days spent with this sister!

JazzFest 2014

Mr. Torres and I drove to Louisiana to visit for the weekend and then my little sis drove to Houston for work for a few days:)

JazzFest 2014

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